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Discover Scuba in Cabo de Palos

La Calma Diving is a scuba diving school for people who want to learn to Discover scuba diving. We are located in spain and dive in areas around cabo de palos, la manga, murcia, cartagena and alicante. Are you looking for a lesson in scuba diving in Cabo de Palos? Feel free to contact us.

Going the extra nautical mile

Our story

As La Calma, we love sharing our passion for scuba and the ocean. We offer different courses, from taking your first plunge, to increasing your skills to advanced.

We mainly dive in the area of south-east Spain. Cabo de Palos (Near Cartagena) is a great diving spot due to its underwater environment, diverse sea life and depths. There is just so much to see! But thanks to our partners, we also bring scuba diving to a camping site near you! So make sure to find us there.

Our lovely crew will guide you every step of the way. We call it a ‘tailor made’ program that suits your needs. So come and join us!

All this talk about other planets...

Just take a peek

Floating through the underwater world is truly something magical. Scuba diving gives all of us the opportunity to explore this beautiful world.

The ocean really is mystical place. When you are exploring underwater it feels like you’re on a completely different planet, yet it is all here on our amazing planet earth!

The underwater world and its life are precious. That is why it is important to treat it with respect and love. That way we make sure that next generations also have the chance to discover this amazing place.

A collective of ocean lovers

The crew

Our lovely crew is ready and set to take you along for an awesome underwater journey.

la calma crew nike


PADI Instructor

Ever since I was 15 years old, I have been fascinated by scuba diving. After my first dive, I was hooked: “Wow, what an adventure! I want to know more about this”.

Firstly starting the PADI Open Water course, and before I knew it, I was a PADI Rescue Diver. This is when I chose to Go Pro and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

As a PADI Instructor I get to meet great people on a daily basis and have the ability to show them how beautiful our ocean is. I get to guide them on their first scuba adventure, and that is so thrilling!


Waterboy and marketing

Thanks to Niké I got in touch with scuba diving, and love it! The calmness you feel being underwater is magical (hence the name La Calma).

As Niké’s right hand, I assist people on taking their first step into the water. Ok ok I know… That practically makes me the waterboy, but without having to bring the water :p.

Every new adventure gives me energy and it is always exciting to meet new people that are so curious to explore the deep blue.

la calma crew roderick

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Questions? Just ask!

We are passionate about scuba diving and would love to take you along on our next trip!

Do you have any questions before taking a dive with us? Make sure to ask us via email or chat. Our lovely crew will help you with any questions you may have.

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