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Discover underwater life


Do you want to enjoy the beautiful sea life without diving to great depths? Then snorkeling is perfect for you.

During this course you will learn skills to get the best out of your snorkeling adventures. These tips and tricks will come in handy during every snorkeling trip.

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Better snorkeling

Want to become an expert in snorkeling?

Perfect snorkeling

Want to become an expert in snorkeling?

Don't you worry, about a thing!

What you will learn and discover

During this snorkeling course you will learn and discover the following things.

A lot of fun!

Snorkeling is an easy way to discover the beautiful underwater world.

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Environmentally friendly

Enjoy the beauty of marine life, but treat it with respect!

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Communicate underwater

Learn how to communicate with your buddy through hand signals. No need to keep sticking your head up.

Prepping your gear

The right way of using gear and how to easily solve common problems.

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Duck dive

Learn how to make a 90 degree dive to go underwater with ease.

Skin diver to scuba diver

Maybe scuba diving is something for you! We will tell you all about it.

Lets go skin diving

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Become an expert snorkeler
Snorkeling course
Duration: Duration: approx. 2 to 3 hours
Learn tips and tricks to snorkel perfectly.
A great

Everything crystal clear

Questions? Just ask us!

We are passionate about snorkeling and would love to share it with you. We know a first experience with something new can be both exciting and a little scary, so we will take things one step at a time.

Do you have any questions before you go snorkeling with us? Make sure to ask us via email or chat. Our lovely crew will help you with any questions about scuba and snorkeling you may have.

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